Ada Lovelace Necklace

Ada Lovelace, mother of computer programming, was a gifted mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage to create instructions for his "Analytical Engine" (a precursor to the modern computer). Born in 1815, she wrote extensive notes for Babbage's paper, including a fundamental insight that the Analytical Engine, "might act upon other things besides number." Ada envisioned using the computer in ways even Babbage hadn't dreamed of, and is now widely considered to be the world's first computer programmer.

In celebration of Ada, and of women in computer science, we have designed a hand-soldered glass pendant with Ada's portrait on one side, and a quote from her writings on the other. Using lead-free solder, the oval pendant measures 30mm by 20mm and hangs on a beautiful antique-style gunmetal chain. You may choose the chain length: long (32" - good for wearing over shirts and sweaters), or short (18" - good for showing off the pendant on the chest). The pendant is water-resistant, but not water-proof, so wear it while coding, but take it off when coding underwater.

Perfect for:

  • Programmers, hackers, coders, techies
  • Analysts, testers, designers, gurus
  • Women who make computers
  • ...and women who make computers do stuff

(There is no sound.)

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