Anatomy Necklace

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The study of the human body -- how it works and how to heal it -- is as old as history. The legacy of thousands of years of study, work, and inquiry, has brought us to the modern medicine of today. In our era, doctors and nurses spend many years of their lives in school in order to gain the knowledge necessary to treat sickness, ease pain, and save lives. In gratitude to these bright, dedicate people, and as a salute to their hard work and diligence, we have designed a pendant featuring human anatomy.

On each side of this hand-soldered glass pendant is displayed an image from an old anatomy book. The detailed writing near the images highlights the effort put into understanding the human form and all its subtleties. Using lead-free solder, the piece measures a bit over 1 inch in diameter, and hangs on a beautiful antique-style gunmetal chain. You may choose the chain length: long (32" - good for wearing over shirts and sweaters), or short (18" - good for showing off the pendant on the chest). The pendant is water-resistant, but not water-proof, so wear it during rounds, but take it off before showering.

Perfect for:

  • Doctors of any specialty
  • Nurses of all kinds
  • Medical students
  • Artists
  • Anyone with an interest in the brilliant living machine that is the human body

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