Voynich Manuscript Necklace

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Is it an alien experience memoir? An encrypted ciphertext? A big hoax? Everything about the Voynich Manuscript is steeped in mystery. It contains illustrations of plants never seen in real life, and text written in an strange alphabet never deciphered. Even the authorship is shrouded in doubt. Whatever the truth of its meaning and origins, the Voynich Manuscript makes for fascinating viewing. In honor of its mystery and admirable cryptography, we have created a pendant with a snippet of Voynich Manuscript text. It is printed on a translucent medium in order to give it a slightly luminescent look. The back of the 1" glass pendant is sealed with a jewelry-grade resin and is water resistant (although you should still not wear it swimming or in the shower). The bail is silver-plated and on your choice of a black leather cord with a silver clasp, or a silver chain. Both the cord and the chain are adjustable from 16" to 18".

Perfect for:

  • Cryptographers
  • Antique book lovers
  • Conspiracy theory aficionados
  • Anyone who appreciates a good unexplained mystery
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