Ada's Tribe Bracelet / Anklet

Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, was a gifted mathematician and worked with Charles Babbage to create instructions for his "Analytical Engine" (a precursor to the moder computer). Ada envisioned using the computer in ways even Babbage hadn't dreamed of, and she is now widely considered to be the world's first computer programmer.

Are you in Ada's tribe? We created this hand-stamped, weathered aluminum bracelet/anklet to honor Ada and to stand in solidarity with female computer programmers. It measures 1.5" x .5" and is slightly curved. To wear, just tie the strong silk cord on your wrist or ankle and cut off the extra. You can shower with it, swim with it, sky dive with it, whatever - it's very sturdy.

Perfect for:

  • Computer programmers & engineers
  • Technicians, database managers, web designers, hackers
  • Mathematicians, visionaries, celebrators of Ada Lovelace Day
  • Anyone who makes, programs, or uses computers
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