Astrocyte Necklace

The word "astrocyte" comes from Greek, meaning "star cell". Named for their complex star-like shape, these glial (non-neuronal) cells are integral to normal brain function. Astrocytes help form the blood–brain barrier, maintain ion balance, and play a role in repairing the brain and spinal cord following injuries. They are also involved in the physical structuring of the brain and influence the way neurons communicate.

These unique astrocyte pendants are made from hand-worked copper and kiln-fired copper metal clay. Each pendant is hand-polished and finished with a lovely patina. It measures 7/8 x 1 1/4 inches and comes on an 18-inch copper chain.

Perfect for:

  • Neuroscientists 
  • Doctors, nurses
  • Teachers, learners
  • Deep thinkers of all kinds