Milky Way Galaxy Pendant

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If you've ever looked up at the dark night sky and seen the bright band of our Milky Way Galaxy, sparkling through the dark expanse of space, and have marveled at the beauty and mystery and sheer vastness of the universe, then this is for you. This is our galactic center in a 1" glass pendant. The image is printed on a translucent medium in order to give the pendant a slightly luminescent look. The back is sealed with a jewelry-grade resin and is water resistant (although you should still not wear it swimming or in the shower). The bail is silver-plated and the pendant is hung on your choice of an 18" black cord, silver twist chain, or silver link chain.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomers, professional and amateur
  • Star gazers
  • Dreamers
  • Anyone who wants a reminder about perspective
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