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The $300 Giveaway Ms Frizzle Would Enter

December 02, 2020 1 min read

The $300 Giveaway Ms Frizzle Would Enter

Do you ever come across someone who shares your vision and goals so perfectly that you adore their work and want to shout to the world about how wonderful they are? That's how we feel about Princess Awesome.

This delightful small business designs clothing to challenge gender stereotypes. If your little girl loves sharks, Princess Awesome totally has your back on that. Same with firetrucks, the Apollo moon landing, airplanes, dinosaurs, and more. Check them out here!

As a bonus, their companion company, Boy Wonder, has some delightful gender-stereotype-defying clothing for little boys. 

This week, we are delighted to partner together for a big $300 giveaway: $150 at Boutique Academia and $150 at Princess Awesome! You can enter by signing up for our email newsletters below. There are also some optional ways to earn extra entries. I hope you win!

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