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Virus Necklace

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This unique and cleverly designed pendant depicts a virus of a group know as the Herpesviridae in meticulously researched detail. The outer portion of the pendant shows the lipid envelope of the virus, studded with proteins which assist it in fusing with the outer membranes of host cells. The inner portion, the viral capsid, whose remarkable, icosahedral shape is composed of an intricate array of protein subunits known as capsomeres, can be swiveled to reveal the viral DNA within!

The Herpesviridae are a large group, which contains many important human pathogens, as well as viruses that infect a wide variety of other animals. Among the Human Herpes Viruses (HHV).are Epstein Barr virus (the cause of mononucleosis), Varicella Zoster Virus (the cause of Chicken Pox), Cytomegalovirus, and the Herpes Simplex viruses.

The capsid of this virus pendant has an antiqued brass finish that contrasts beautifully with the antiqued pewter finish of its outer envelope and tegument. It comes with your choice of an 18 inch or 26 inch steel chain.

Perfect for:

  • Biologists, researchers, immunologists
  • Doctors, nurses, med students
  • Science teachers and science enthusiasts of all kinds

Customer Reviews

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Interesting and Great Piece
Best Nerdy Necklace Ever
Brilliant stuff for nerdy girls, fabulous customer service


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