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This Latin phrase comes from Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid. It refers to Dido, the legendary founder and first queen of the Phoenician city-state of Carthage.

According to the narrative, Dido was a clever and enterprising woman who fled tyranny with a loyal band of followers. With wisdom and competence, she founded the city of Carthage and led it to prosperity.

Over the centuries, "DUX FEMINA FACTI" came to be a motto associated with female leadership. There are a variety of ways it has been translated:

- "A woman was the leader of the deed"
- "A woman was the author of the exploit"
- "A woman led the enterprise"
- or simply, "A woman led"

All of them carry the same basic message: a woman got it done.

The pendant is made from gold or silver colored steel, and has the phrase engraved on one side. The lettering is subtle and the pendant can be worn either with the phrase facing outward or towards the heart. It uses an elegant, minimalist style that works well in both dressy and casual settings.

This inspirational piece of jewelry is beautiful worn alone or layered. It comes in your choice of gold colored steel on an 18" gold plated chain or silver steel on an 18" sterling silver chain.

Perfect for:

  • Leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs
  • Founders, managers, presidents
  • Young women who possess wisdom and leadership skills beyond their years
  • ...Extraordinary women of all kinds, in all places, who lead, guide, and make things happen!