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Carina Nebula Cosmic Cliffs Necklace

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The "Cosmic Cliffs" are a region within the Carina Nebula, NGC 3324 that became well-know when the James Webb Space Telescope's first publicly released photographs included a stunningly gorgeous image of the area.

The nebula is roughly 7,600 light-years away and hosts massive, hot, young stars. These stars have been emitting high-energy radiation and slowly eroding the nebula’s wall until it resembles a mountain range.

To capture the essence of this stunning nebula in a jewelry design, we have encapsulated the iconic peak from the JWST image under a glass dome and within a hand-finished pewter frame. The geometry of the dome results in the image reflecting in a way that looks three-dimensional, as if the nebula stretches on and on inside the pendant.

The lead-free, nickel-free pewter frame has a finish reminiscent of antique silver, but at a much lower cost and without the need to remove tarnish. On the reverse you'll find an aluminum disc, hand-stamped with stars. It's not a constellation, but instead the stars are randomly placed, giving each necklace its own unique pattern. Each pendant comes on your choice of steel chain or adjustable leather cord.

Perfect for:

  • Star-gazers, astronomers, and space lovers
  • Science teachers, dreamers, and poets
  • JWST enthusiasts and NASA devotees
  • Anyone who wants to say, "I love you to the Cosmic Cliffs and back."