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"ALIS VOLAT PROPRIIS" -- Latin for "she flies with her own wings." It's the perfect description of a smart, strong, independent woman who, by virtue of her hard work and determination, has made a place for herself in this world.

The pendant is made from gold or silver colored steel, and has the phrase engraved on one side. The lettering is subtle and the pendant can be worn either with the phrase facing outward or towards the heart. It uses an elegant, minimalist style that works well in both dressy and casual settings.

The necklace is beautiful worn alone or layered. It comes in your choice of gold colored steel on an 18" gold plated chain or silver steel on an 18" sterling silver chain.

Perfect for:

  • Brave, independent women who have forged their own way
  • Pilots, women in aviation
  • Oregon residents (our state motto)
  • ...Smart, strong, determined women everywhere!