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Book Necklace

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman

This clever, beautiful necklace is for all you book lovers out there. The covers are steel, with a delicate latch that opens up to display three turnable golden pages. The tiny heart cutout on the front shows a peek at the golden pages inside, and will delight the heart and soul of any reader.

Choose between a small book pendant and a large book pendant. Both come on an 18 inch sterling silver chain, but the sterling silver chain on the larger version is thicker in order to match the pendant. We do not offer engraving, but many past customers have taken these pendants to professional engravers and had initials or words engraved.

Perfect for:

  • Book lovers
  • Teachers, librarians, writers
  • Readers and dreamers... for are they not one in the same?