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DNA Necklace - Horizontal Double Helix

If you work with, study, or have genetic material, then this DNA necklace is for you. The highly detailed DNA pendant is strung in-line with the chain shows the major and minor grooves, as well as a representation of base pairing. It also has tiny engraved details to accurately represent the right-handed direction of the double helix twist.

The pendant is made from polished steel and comes in silver, gold, and rose gold colors and a variety of chains. It is elegant enough for formal occasions and while also being sturdy enough for daily wear through an entire PhD or post-doc.

Perfect for:

  • Biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, biophysicists, geneticists
  • Doctors, nurses, medical students
  • Genealogists, 
  • Science teachers & STEM enthusiasts
  • ...anyone who works with DNA