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Eclipse Solar Totality Earrings

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If you've witnessed a total solar eclipse, you know that seeing the sun's corona with your own eyes is a transcendent experience. If you haven't yet, then you're in for a treat!

A stellar corona is the outermost layer of a star. Made of plasma, it stretches millions of kilometers out from a star's chromosphere and is much hotter than the surface of the star. The word 'corona' is Latin for 'crown' and comes from the Ancient Greek word κορώνη (korṓnē) for 'garland, wreath'.

These earrings bring the imagery of a total solar eclipse into a subtle but stunning design. The negative space in the center captures the moment during an eclipse when it seems like the sun suddenly disappears, allowing the corona to blaze across the sky in unforgettable glory.

These 16k gold plated stellar coronas inlayed with cubic zirconia crystals come on your choice of matching gold plated ear hooks, or sterling silver hooks to make the golden highlights really pop. Either way, these are earrings that work for any occasion, from t-shirts to formal gowns.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomy enthusiasts
  • Eclipse chasers
  • Stargazers, dreamers
  • Anyone who loves sunshine!