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Lichen Necklace

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If you have spent time out in nature, it is almost certain that you have encountered lichen -- they are found all over the planet, in environments as different as rain forests, hot dry deserts, rocky coasts, and even the arctic tundra!

Lichens are not actually plants. They are composite organisms involving algae, cyanobacteria, and fungi, acting as a self-contained miniature ecosystem. They are long-lived, with some considered to be among the oldest living things on Earth, and are among the first things to grow on freshly-exposed rock after a rock slide. In short, if you want a beautiful representation of natural harmony, endurance, and adaptability, this is it!

The small-batch cast pewter pendant accurately represents the anatomy of a lichen. On the front is Apothecea, perithecia, and isidia -- several of the lichen's reproductive structures. Part of the lichen is cut-away on the side, allowing you to see the algal cells enmeshed in fungal filaments.

It comes on your choice of an adjustable brown leather cord or an 18 - 20 inch steel snake chain. All U.S. orders come in a beautiful, hand-stamped gift box. International orders come in a black velvet drawstring bag.

Perfect for:

  • Nature lovers
  • Gardeners
  • Lichenologists
  • Hikers, explorers, adventurers... anyone with an appreciation for this beautiful and adaptable organism!