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Phylogenetic Tree of Life Earrings

All life is connected, and these earrings represent the entirety of our Earth-bound biological extended family. A phylogenetic tree is a diagram that shows the evolutionary relationship between species. Every form of life on earth comes from common ancestry, which you can see as the tiny vertical line in the center of each earring. Each branch extending outward represents a split in the evolutionary path. The little circle on the right side shows where humans reside in the diagram... like a "You Are Here" dot marking our place in evolutionary history.

Although diagrams similar to phylogenetic trees had existed previously, Charles Darwin popularized the concept in The Origin of Species. They are still widely used because they so effectively communicate evolutionary backgrounds. 

These earrings are available in polished steel or gold plated steel. No part of them will ever tarnish, saving you the trouble of periodic polishing. With reasonable care, your earrings should last and bring you science joy for years to come.

Perfect for:

  • Ecologists, evolutionary biologists
  • Biology researchers, teachers, students
  • Animal lovers, nature lovers... anyone who cares about the magnificent variety of life on our wild, fascinating planet