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Knowledge Cycle Necklace

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From the Ancient Library of Alexandria to the Library of Congress, from Plato's Academy to the most esteemed modern universities of the world, our global civilization's legacy of knowledge is drawn from our willingness to do four things: think, study, learn, and teach. Without these, the chain of human knowledge is broken.

This striking necklace features a weathered silver aluminum disc, hand-stamped with the words "contempla stude disce erudi". Students of Latin may notice that this translation of "think study learn teach" not only represents each the four conjugations of Latin verbs, but does so in the correct order. The antiqued silver chain measures 32 inches and matches everything. The disc moves freely through the jump rings, symbolizing the unending, cyclical nature of this process, creating a unique meditation on the process of gaining, sharing, and preserving knowledge.

Perfect for:

  • Professors and teachers of all kinds
  • Philosophers and historians
  • Anyone with a life-long love of learning