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Reach For the Stars Necklace

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Shine bright with this minimalist necklace featuring a tiny star cluster symbolizing hope, inspiration, and the limitless possibilities of the universe. Each star represents a guiding light, encouraging you to follow your dreams and embrace a journey of self-discovery. 

Fancy enough for special events and simple enough for daily wear, this necklace matches everything with its three delicate gold or rhodium plated star-shaped charms dancing cheerfully on an 18 inch gold plated or sterling silver chain. 

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, looking for a thoughtful science jewelry gift, or simply treating yourself, this necklace is a wonderful way to carry a bit of celestial magic with you every day. It's a perfect reminder that you are capable of achieving great things and reaching for the stars.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomy & space enthusiasts
  • Stargazers, teachers & dreamers
  • Anyone--young or old--who reaches for the stars