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Antibody and Virus Earrings

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Heading to a medical conference or defending a thesis on epidemiology? No one will be immune to these visually striking, anatomically accurate earrings!

The virus includes representations of the envelope and viral tegument, the spike proteins, and the nucleocapsid. The antibody displays the antigen binding site, the interchain disulfide bonds, the hinge region, the Fab fragment, and the Fc region.

The earrings both measure about 4 cm (~ 1.5 inches) from the top of the ear hook to the bottom. They come in your choice of gold or silver colored steel, on gold plated or stainless steel ear hooks. They are very sturdy and will never tarnish or flake.

Choose either viruses, antibodies, or a mixed pair. Or get both so that you can mix and match!

All U.S. orders come in a hand-stamped gift box. International orders come in a black velvet bag.

Perfect for:

  • Doctors, nurses, pediatricians, premed students, medical professionals
  • Biologists, virologists, epidemiologists
  • Laboratory scientists and researchers
  • Vaccine believers, immunologists, and anyone who is grateful for antibodies and all the research that has gone into developing vaccines.