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Oxytocin Necklace

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Oxytocin is an important social bonding hormone. Whether you are falling in love, having a baby, or even just meeting a friend for lunch, oxytocin is involved.

When a woman goes into labor, it is released into the bloodstream and helps to facilitate the birth, bonding with the baby, and breastfeeding. Within groups, oxytocin is critical to the establishment of trust and moderation of fear responses. It is also sometimes referred to as "the cuddle hormone" because of the role it plays in romantic relationships. Oxytocin is even measurably increased by petting a dog and facilitates human-pet bonding.

Motherhood... friendship... love... oxytocin is a beautiful and meaningful symbol!

This strong and graceful pendant is made from silver or gold colored steel. It comes on your choice of a sterling silver, steel, or gold plated chain.

Perfect for:

  • Mothers of all kinds
  • Midwives, doulas, obstetricians
  • Lactation consultants, breastfeeding advocates
  • Sweethearts, friends
  • ...anyone with a loving, trusting relationship with anyone else