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Mushroom Earrings

Mushroom hunters, these earrings are for you!

Being located in the Pacific Northwest, our studio loves mushrooms! Fun fact: the largest creature on the planet lives in the nearby Blue Mountains — a fungi nearly 4 kilometers long.

Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal. They're genetically closer to humans than plants and have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years with benefits as wide ranging as high nutrition, antioxidation, and improving cognitive function. Plus, they're cute!

These mushroom earrings capture delightful little details, such as the gills on the underside of the cap. They're made from matte rhodium or gold plated brass and are hung from stainless steel ear hooks. For adding a charming element of whimsy to any outfit, look no further!

Perfect for: 

  • Mycologists, mycophiles and mycophagists
  • Gardeners, foragers and fungiculture enthusiasts
  • Biologists, teachers and students
  • ...anyone who finds mushrooms adorable!