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Bacteriophage Earrings

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Bacteriophages are among the most common and diverse entities in the biosphere. As ubiquitous viruses, they are found wherever bacteria exist. It is estimated there are more than 10^31 bacteriophages on the planet, more than every other organism on Earth, including bacteria, combined.

Phages have been used since the late 20th century as an alternative to antibiotics in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe, as well as in France. They are seen as a possible therapy against multi-drug-resistant strains of many bacteria. Phages are known to interact with the immune system both indirectly via bacterial expression of phage-encoded proteins and directly by influencing innate immunity and bacterial clearance.

These T4 enterobacteria bacteriophage earrings dangle delightfully from the ear in the same way real bacteriophages look when they dock with their tail fibers to its bacterial host. Look closely and you'll see the vertex capsomeres, capsid proteins, whiskers, dsDNA, kneecap domain of long fibers, short tail fibers (spikes/pins), and more.

Carefully crafted from lead-free, nickel-free pewter to be exceptionally detailed, these phages measure 2.7 cm high with hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks.

Perfect for:

  • Biologists, microbiologists, bacteriologists
  • Doctors, nurses, med students
  • Anyone with an appreciation for science and biology