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Mitochondria Necklace 2.0

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The mitochondrion is often called the "powerhouse of the cell". It's proper function is absolutely critical to healthy life, as it generates most of the cell's energy and controls the cell cycle. This detailed mitochondrion pendant displays the inner membrane, ribosomes, DNA, and more. A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, it is also delightful to hold and touch while concentrating on one's biochem homework or dissertation. Hand cast from antiqued pewter and brass, and hung on an 18 inch stainless steel chain. Your choice of the silver colored pewter or the gold colored brass in the front of the locket, with the opposite color in the back.

Perfect for:

  • Students, professors, and researchers in the biological sciences
  • Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals
  • AP Biology teachers
  • ...anyone with an admiration for the ingenuity of life