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Eclipse Necklace

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This beautiful, hand-crafted pendant is a subtle and elegant reminder of our sky's most stunning spectacle. The "moon" is made from a heavily hammered, antiqued silver aluminum disc with a shiny coating to protect the patina. Behind is a lightly weathered brass "sun". With time, the sun disc will develop a patina with unique individual variations, reminiscent of sunspots. You can keep it shiny by rubbing with steel wool, or you can let it age beautifully. 

To visually capture the essence of an eclipse, the sun disc is larger than the moon disc, and although technically an annular eclipse, you can imagine the bright brass ring as the corona if you prefer... or simply as a poetic visual representation of the moon moving between us and the sun.

The necklace comes hung on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Water resistant but avoid long exposure to water. As hand-crafted jewelry, each pendant is unique and will be the perfect science jewelry keepsake for anyone. 

Perfect for:

  • Eclipse viewers
  • Astronomy enthusiasts
  • Stargazers, writers, artists, poets... basically anyone who has witnessed, hopes to witness, or imagines witnessing the celestial splendor of a solar eclipse.