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Binary LOVE

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A binary code uses two unique symbols to create meaning. Love, like binary, takes two unique individuals and combines them in a complex interplay to create meaning and beauty. We have hand-stamped the binary translation of "LOVE" on 1.25" copper and aluminum bar pendant... why settle for normal, boring heart shaped necklace when you could instead have a deeper, symbolic piece of jewelry? Each side features one letter in binary, starting with "L" on the front and moving around the pendant. The aluminum pendant will never tarnish. The copper pendant will develop a lovely antique-appearing patina over time. You can either leave the patina or return the pendant to a bright copper state by lightly rubbing with steel wool. Both pendants come on an 18 inch steel snake chain. Note: the letters are hand-stamped and will have slight variations in position.

Perfect for:

  • Programmers, computer engineers & technophiles
  • Geeks in love <3