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Ubuntu Earrings

Calling all women in open source software!

With the permission of Canonical, we have teamed up with a nonprofit, Partimus, to bring you these Ubuntu themed earrings. The amazing volunteers at Partimus build and maintain computer labs running free open source software in low income schools. Their efforts have provided computer education (increasingly important in today's job market) to many school children who would not have had it otherwise.

With the purchase of Ubuntu Earrings, you support Partimus: $6 per pair will go directly to their operating costs, helping them to expand into more schools. It's not often that buying jewelry and doing good in the world intersect!

The earrings are gold or rhodium plated and measure ~3/4". (Rhodium is a non-tarnishing silver colored precious metal.) They are slightly domed for depth and are hung on gold-filled or stainless steel hooks.

Perfect for:

  • Ubuntu users, developers, and aficionados
  • Free, open source software supporters
  • Anyone who thinks school computer labs running free software is a good idea (and if you are interested in further supporting the cause, please donate directly or consider volunteering)