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Science Jewelry in the Media

June 04, 2014 2 min read

Science Jewelry in the Media

If you take a even a quick look at popular culture, you'll notice that people are drawn, almost magnetically, to things that are considered to be cool, admirable, and beautiful. (And by "beautiful" I don't mean sexy, but a deeper experience of aesthetic appeal that brings joy and wonder and expands one's mind.) Of course, over time the definitions of what is "cool" and "beautiful" have changed, but the principle is the same. 

One of the biggest reasons I started Boutique Academia was to create beautiful symbols of intellectual achievement and be one more tiny, subtle message that smart is cool and science & math are beautiful. It wasn't long ago when being a smart girl was the opposite of cool and beautiful, and being a geek meant an uphill battle socially. But...times are changing. I have been watching the market and media for some years now, and I see more and more acceptance of "geek-ness" into mainstream culture. Geek-chic used to be a niche, a curiosity over in the corner of slightly-counter-culture fashion. Not anymore.

As Exhibit A, I offer this June 2014 magazine spread for Homespun, an Australian crafting and quilting magazine. (Quilting! How much more NOT-counter-culture can you get?!) Our DNA earrings are featured here, and we couldn't be more delighted!

Other magazines in the past have also featured Boutique Academia jewelry. Earth Magazine, a geology and earth sciences periodical, also included the DNA earrings in their 2013 holiday gift guide.

And GirlWorks Magazine, "the magazine for smart girls", featured our star field pendant in their Nov/Dec 2013 edition.

Here's to the beauty of science & math! And here's to the hope that the images and symbols of STEM fields will continue to spread within popular culture. We need for "smart" to be cool. And I think we are headed in that direction.


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