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Antibody Necklace

The world is collectively thinking about antibodies right now. These Y-shaped proteins protect us from bacteria and viruses by binding to pathogens' unique molecule, called an "antigen". When your body produces the antibodies that bind to the antigen of a bacteria or virus, your immune system can neutralize the pathogens and keep you from getting sick -- immunity!

If you look closely, the polished steel antibody pendant displays the antigen binding site, the interchain disulfide bonds, the hinge region, the Fab fragment, and the Fc region. In the pendant style that looks like a right-side-up "Y", the chain is attached to tiny antigens at the antigen binding site.

Several chains and colors are available -- you can personalize your antibody to your tastes, even mixing metals if that's your favorite look. First, choose which style of antibody looks the most appealing and recognizable to you:

  • With antigens (looks like a "Y")
  • Without antigens (looks like an upside-down "Y")

Then choose your metal color and favorite type of chain:

  • Elegant sterling silver chain (18 inches)
  • Sturdy non-tarnish steel chain (16 - 18 inches adjustable)
  • Gold plated chain (16 - 18 inches adjustable)
  • Adjustable black leather cord

The pendants are made from polished gold or silver colored steel. They are lead-free and nickle-free. The stainless steel and sterling silver chains are likewise hypoallergenic.

This scientifically beautiful antibody necklace is sure to become a favorite and a conversation starter! All U.S. orders come in a beautiful hand-stamped gift box. International orders come in a black velvet bag.

Perfect for:

  • A unique get-well gift

  • Biologists, virologists, science researchers, immunologists

  • Doctors, nurses, med students, essential workers

  • Anyone who appreciates the biology of immunity and our ability to protect against pathogens!