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Chromosome Necklace

The chromosome is one of the most iconic forms in the realm of cell biology -- a carefully packaged matrix of DNA, RNA, and protein. This chromosome is depicted in the phase of mitosis known as metaphase, when its DNA has been replicated, and packaged into two "sister" chromatids in preparation for cell division (mitosis). At this phase of mitosis, microtubules connect at the chromosome's centromere, making the necklace cord part of the design of the necklace.

The antiqued pewter pendant has a satisfying, but not excessive weight. It is the most unique and true-to-science chromosome necklace around. Great for wearing to the lab, classroom, conferences, and presentations. Comes on your choice of a steel wire cord or an adjustable black leather cord.

Perfect for:

  • Biologists, geneticists, doctors, nurses
  • Teachers, professors, med students
  • Anyone with an interest in biology or genealogy