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Plate Tectonics Keychain

This truly unique, carefully researched and meticulously sculpted keychain is a must-have for any geology enthusiast. A wonderfully detailed piece from a hand-carved original, it depicts the three types of boundaries between the Earth’s tectonic plates: A convergent boundary (subduction zone), a divergent boundary (mid-ocean ridge), and a transform boundary (fault). other geological phenomena are also portrayed, such as the hotspot volcano and batholiths. Flip the keychain over and you can see more detail, such as the disintegration of the subducting plate, and the rising magma beneath the mountain range.

Perfect for:

  • Geologists, seismologists, volcanologists
  • Civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, material scientists
  • Science teachers and students
  • Hikers, climbers, campers
  • ...and anyone who just likes rocks