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Rings of Saturn Necklace

The rings of Saturn... the crowning jewel of our solar system. Ask any star gazer about the first time they saw the rings through a telescope, and chances are high they remember the awe and astonishment they felt. Many necklaces pay tribute to Saturn, but this pendant uses an actual photograph taken by the NASA Cassini-Huygens mission--the highest resolution image of the rings ever made.

Printed on archival-quality paper, we have encased the intricate beauty of the rings, in their natural color, under a 1 inch glass dome. The reflection of the dome gives the pendant a three-dimensional feel. The metal in the pendant is a lead-free, nickel-free alloy, and it comes on an 18 inch steel snake chain.

Perfect for:

  • Dreamers, poets, writers, and artists
  • Astronomers, star/moon-gazers, and astronauts
  • Science fiction fans
  • Anyone who has looked up at night and been struck by the sudden beauty of our ancient satellite