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Star Cluster Necklace

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A jewel of the night sky, this globular star cluster in Hercules is known as Messier 13. It hangs, suspended in sparkling stillness, in the darkness of space about 25,000 light years away and is composed of a few hundred thousand stars. Anyone can wear diamonds or rubies...wearing a star cluster is far more interesting.

This pendant encases an archival-quality print of Messier 13 under a 1 inch glass dome. It's designed so that if you look at it sideways, the reflection of the glass makes it appear to contain a vast expanse of space. The metal in the pendant is a hand-finished pewter (nickel-free, lead-free). The pendant comes on your choice of a steel chain, sterling silver chain, or adjustable leather cord.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomers, professional and amateur
  • Star gazers
  • Dreamers
  • People who want a little sparkle and a lot of individuality