Tardigrade Necklace

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Tardigrades, also known as the "water bears," are possibly the most resilient known animal. They can withstand temperature ranges from 1 K (−458 °F; −272 °C) to about 420 K (300 °F; 150 °C), pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and the vacuum of outer space. They can go without food or water for more than 30 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and go on with their lives.

While we homo sapiens are more physically fragile, the human spirit has walked through fire and yet endured. This endearing tardigrade pendant is a reminder of resiliency, stubbornness, and strength of will. It is extremely scientifically accurate, carefully crafted from pewter, and given an antique finish. It will last a lifetime. It comes hung on your choice of an 18 inch or 32 inch heavyweight gunmetal chain.

Perfect for:

  • Scientists, biologists, teachers
  • Innovators, makers, doers, movers and shakers
  • People working or studying in challenging disciplines
  • ...anyone who gets knocked down, just to pick themselves up and try again
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